Curved Staircase

Highly Specialized Woodwork

This staircase is a “curved” staircase design and is an example of highly specialized woodwork.

The challenge with this curved wall was to use something that would be flexible enough to build into the curve. We settled on doing “Judges Panels.” “Judges Panels” are created with a “stacked box” look from the floor (or from the steps in this case) to the ceiling. Panel molding was used to build the box frames because it’s flexible enough to make those curves.

The calculations necessary to make the boxes or frames and to make the cuts is where a highly skilled craftsman is separated from a regular trim carpenter. The process required two full days just to mark up the wall to visually set up how it was to be laid out. Then another two full days were needed to cut each frame and nail it to the wall. Every cut was absolutely perfect. Once all the woodwork was completed, the panel wall was sprayed with white enamel to give it the look of a full wood wall. The end result was stunning.

Project Year

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