Basement Space Turned into the Ultimate Home Theater


This client was dreaming of a grand theater space in his basement to enrich his frequent entertaining. We recommended a detailed approach to the construction to accomplish the following goals:

Superior acoustic performance of the space – freeing him of needing expensive sound equipment

The very best sound proofing possible – giving him a professional theater experience acoustically while preventing people outside or above the theater from hearing a thing.

Highest ceilings possible

Before anything else, we needed to demolish the finished basement down to its “bones.” To accomplish the client’s vision of the highest ceilings possible, major surgery was required. Two of the home’s only furnace supply and return air trunks had to be removed and rebuilt in different positions several feet away in order to clear the theater. In order to maximize the theater space, we had to remove a metal support pole. So, we reinforced the current joist span with plate steel so that the joists could carry the load that the support pole was carrying, and we could safely remove the support pole.

To truly sound proof the theater space, we employed techniques that are usually reserved for professional recording studios:

• Multiple perimeter walls filled with high-end sound deadening insulation
• Fine filling with acoustical sealant
• De-coupling of walls and ceilings prior to dry-walling
• Multiple layers of 5/8” drywall
• Installation of compound that converts sound noise into heat energy throughout the walls

This project is still underway, and we will eventually be installing acoustical panels and an acoustical floor material prior to carpeting. More updates to come!

Project Year

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